Mauritius - Introduction of the Premium Visa

On the 23rd October 2020, the Council of Ministers introduced the "Premium Visa", a new type of visa that aims at attracting foreigners to Mauritius. With Mauritius being a Covid-Free country, the visa will allow foreigners in certain countries the opportunity to move to Mauritius for a period of one year, renewable, where they can reside safely with their family in a Covid-safe destination.

The visa shall apply to several categories of non-citizens, as follows:

  • Repeat tourists who had planned to retire and migrate to Mauritius before the Covid-19 pandemic;
  • Retirees in countries where Covid-19 is putting them at risk and who wish to reside in a safe destination;
  • Investors/professionals willing to come to Mauritius with their family, where they can conduct their business remotely from Mauritius;
  • Parents whose children will study in Mauritius.

To qualify for the Premium Visa, the non-citizen must be able to provide sufficient proof of their health and travel insurance covering the initial period of their stay. As they will not be able to enter the local labour market, they will also need to show proof that their main place of business, including their source of income and profits is outside Mauritius. Furthermore, they will need to provide documentary evidence relating to their accommodation in Mauritius and the reason for their visit, amongst others.